Items you will need:

- 2 tea candles,
- Sea salt,
- Bluebells,
- Scales
Place the candles on both scales.
If you cannot find scales, then make some yourself.
If you have fresh bluebells, place them in a vase near the scales, or if you have dried Bluebells, crush them and sprinkle them around the scales.
Form a circle around everything and light both candles.
As the candles burn, watch the scales work it's magick and visualize the truth that you wish to surface coming out.
When you feel relaxed and confident in the spell, chant the following:

"Twisted truth and heavy lies,
be undone the truth will rise.
Wake the gods to work the scales,
brake the lies as truth unveils!"

Leave the candles burning until you feel necessary and thank the gods.
When you snuff out the candles, finish the spell with a bell and "so be it!".


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