As we all know, every herb has a magickal property. These magickal properties can be used in spells and rituals, so that they provide power to our spells. The power that they provide, depends on which magickal property the herb posseses.

How do we extract these properties? Well, there are many possible ways. One is called smudging and is the most commonly used way when performing a ritual or casting a spell. Extracting the powers of the herbs by smudging them, means to burn them! The smoke that is comming from the burning herbs holds their properties/powers.

Witches oftenly use a feather to spread the smoke through the area that the spell is taking place, by swinging the feather and blowing smoke throughout the area. The smoke is the key, to spreading the magickal properties of the burning herbs in your area where the spell or the ritual is taking place.

The feathers used to spread the smoke, can also be different colors and can be used instead of candles. Of course, the color of the feather needs to be in the correspondence, with the type of the spell and with the magickal properties of the herbs! You can find out the magickal properties of the herbs on this PAGE

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