Herbs have a very big meaning in witchcraft since they have the most magickal correspondences (relations). Potions are really
just teas. The only thing that makes a potion different from a tea is
that it has a magickal intent and that a real potion is blessed with a
ritual. Once you consume a potion you absorb the magickal properties of
the herbs that the potion consist of...Now there are a lot of ways to
use potions: 

Drinking (Allways be aware of allergies and toxins of the herbs) 

Bathing (again...alergies and toxins plus the chance of herbs reacting negativily to sunlight and other circumstances) 

Making vials 

Sprinkling or spilling 


- Donating


By drinking the potions or giving someone else to drink them, you are consuming the magickal properties
of the herbs that the potions consists from and by that, enhancing the
factors on the area that the herb is related to...example: 

You make a potion that consisist of Sage and Roses... 
Sage and roses correspond to cleansing and banishing so the potion would be for banishing and cleansing. 
Now by drinking this potion, you are cleansing yourself and enhancing the
ability to banish with the help of a ritual or a spell...


By making a potion and bathing in it, has the same effect then drinking it, since you're still absorbing it
to your body through your skin. But by bathing you're actually doing a
ritual you're not just simply drinking it. Bathing in a potion
represents absorbing the magickal properties of the herbs in the potion
with the help of the element water and therefore adding the power of
the elements to your ritual. One of the most common mistakes that
witches do with this is that they whipe themself with a towel
afterwards....that is wrong because the skin absorbs far better when it
can ''breathe''. When you're underwater the skin isn't absorbing much
because it's not breathing so you have to dry naturally...wait and dry
without whiping yourself or standing in front of a drier.


Making vials that contain potions is just like having a crystal. 
But there's two things that sepparate vials from crystals... 
First one is that the potion is made of herbs which still contain the energy
of life...that energy is a very active and powerful factor in magick!
It adds a very good ''kick'' to your spellwork and that is why herbs
are so commonly used in witchcraft. 
The other thing is that you can ''costum'' the magickal properties of the vial by adding the right
herbs in the potion which the vial will contain...this comes in very
handy when you just can't find that one crystal for one particular


When you sprinkle the potion on a certain area or object, the potion will take effect
that corresponds (relates) to the magickal properties of the herbs that
you used in the potion on that area and that object...this method is
most commonly used in blessing spells or rituals and enhancing spells
and rituals. 

Now when you spill the potion in a certain area with the intention to secretly make someone absorb it, 
(whoever passes through the area that the potion was spilled in) 
that person will of course absorb the properties not biologicaly, but
spiritualy and the potion will take effect. Now this method is most
commonly used with hexes and curses.


Blessing somone or something OR an area with a potion MUST come with the help of a ritual or a spell.
Blessing is something that herbs alone will never do. Even when you're
cleansing or banishing you need to have a ritual or a spell because
that is how you determine that specific magickal property of the herb
that needs to take place (herbs mostly have a big variety of magickal

Now when you sprinkle the potion on someone, smething or an area, the potion will release it's magickal property
into the area and the area where the potion was sprinkled will be
blessed (with the help of a ritual/spell) with whatever correspondence
(relation) the potion has and our intention


When you make a potion and donate it to a plant or the earth, you are thaking them in a very special way. By
sacrificing a part of yourself 
(in that case the potion needs to contain a bodly fluid of you), and other plants. The potion will of
course have a relation according to the herbs it consists from and can,
but not necessairly be in relation to the plant or deity you are
donating it to.


Well, making potions is very easy. I'm pretty sure everyone has made tea before. It is just as easy as that!
When you have the herbs and crystals that you want to use in your potion ready, you need to prepare your sacred space. Cast your circle, ground and centre and make sure that your intent and will are clear and focused.
When you have done that, imagine the potion taking effect (before drinking it) and how things are evolving after you have drank it. 

For example:

You are making a potion to put a conflict to rest.
Before you and the one involved in the conflict have really used the potion, imagine the potion already taking effect and resolving the conflict. Imagine the two of you getting along just fine.

Visualize this throughout the whole process of making the potion and until you have used it.
If you are making the potion for future use, visualize while you are making the potion and when you use it.
Make sure you've put all of your positive energy into making the potion.
When you are done, close the circle, unless you wish to bless your potion with a ritual.
Secure your potion with a chant of your own, so no one can use it against you or others.

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