Dagda's Area Protection Spell

A spell to protect an area from evil intents and evil people! It puts up a ward by burying stones.

You will need:
- at least 3 stones,
- Basil,
- A black candle (optional),
- Water,
- A red pen that you use for magic ONLY!

Light the candle for better concentration on the focus of the spell. Make a tea out of Basil, put the stones (big enough to draw on) in for a couple of seconds, then chant this:

''In this water i cast my stone,
i burry it to protect my zone.
In the name of Dagda
where this stone shall lie,
no evil may pass by.
Dagda protects and dagda blesses,
Dagda sees whoever passes.
Beware the one who walks this place
evil intents will leave my space."

Draw a Pentacle or a triquetra symbol on the stones after they're dry whichever you like best.
Burry them so they link each other, marking an area you want protected.
When you burried them all finish the chant by saying: "so mote it be!"

By Brim

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